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About us

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EUCA is a pioneer in data logging and monitoring solutions, partnering with top-notch global brands to deliver intuitive, simple-to-implement hardware and software solutions for industrial settings across diverse applications.

Our extensive product line covers a range of industries, including food, cold chain, pharmaceutical, medical, agriculture, energy, water, and production, and includes multi-functional data logging devices and a modular software platform that provides a unified solution for process monitoring.

With a focus on providing our customers with the best experience possible, we also offer a range of related services to support our products.
What Can We Do for You?

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At EUCA, we pride ourselves on being leaders in the field of fixed and portable data acquisition systems. With a comprehensive range of solutions, we support our clients throughout the entire product lifecycle, from production to consumption.

Our offerings are designed to address the full spectrum of data acquisition requirements, providing support to clients looking to improve product quality, prioritize consumer safety, meet regulatory standards, reduce quality expenses, and enhance profitability. Our end-to-end solutions are engineered to help customers navigate any challenges that may arise and drive success in their operations.

Our expertise and commitment to delivering the best possible outcomes have established us as a trusted and reliable partner to businesses across a range of industries.
When Did We Start?

The begining of our journey

With a rich history of over 30 years in the data acquisition industry, EUCA has established a formidable reputation as a specialist in delivering innovative and reliable solutions to meet the unique needs of its clients.

Our exceptional knowledge and expertise, honed through years of experience and dedication, has made us a trusted partner to businesses across diverse sectors. Founded as an independent company in 2018, EUCA has since then grown to become a leader in the data acquisition market, offering a range of solutions and services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, combined with our proven track record of delivering results, has made EUCA the go-to choice for businesses seeking to optimize their operations and stay ahead of the competition.

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