Ordering Information

Ordering Information


  1. 1. Contact Customer Service immediately if you need to cancel or alter the details of your order. (this does not apply to shipping/delivery addresses captured at the time of check-out.)
  2. 2. Once your order has been checked out and reaches the “Fulfilled” status (confirmed via email & in your Account Order History), it can no longer be cancelled or changed in any way, unless communicated and authorised by EUCA’s administration prior to the delivery of the item/s.
  3. 3. Once you have completed the checkout process, you will receive an order confirmation email and/or SMS (should you have provided your cell no.) 
  4. 4. All Orders are automatically scheduled as;
  5. - “Unfulfilled” his means that: your order is submitted to us but is still to be review by EUCA ‘s administration.
  6. Fulfilled: Your Order has been reviewed by admin and has been scheduled for pick-up by our specified courier service.
  7. Shipped: Your order has been collected for assignment by the forwarder.
  8. Traceable: Tracking information for your order is available.
  9. Cancelled: Your order is cancelled.
  10. Refunded: Your order has been refunded according to EUCA’s Refund/Warranty terms.
  11. Returned: Your order has been returned for warranty/technical inspection according to the EUCA terms of service.
  12. 5. It can take anything up to 1-2 working days (Local Carrier) or 2-5 working days (International Carriers) for the order status to change from "Shipped" to "Traceable".
  13. 6. Since we need to collect the tracking information from the courier’s database and upload it to our system -  information may not always be 100% current between us and our service providers.

Should you require any further assistance with your order please feel free to contact EUCA’s Customer Service Team at service@euca-iot.co.za or visit our Customer Service Portal for further assistance.

Or get in touch by clicking and submitting the customer form below to get one of our assistants to get in touch with you.


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