Crazyflie AI-deck V1.1

Crazyflie AI-deck V1.1

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Crazyflie AI-deck 1.1 enables low power on-board artificial intelligence capabilities for the Crazyflie using a GAP8 chip with RISC-V multi-core architecture, 512 Mbit HyperFlash, and 64 Mbit HyperRAM. This lightweight and low-power combination opens up many research and development areas for the micro-sized Crazyflie 2.X UAV.

In addition, the AI-deck 1.1 has a Himax HM01B0 Bayer RGB camera with a NINA W102 Wi-Fi module to stream your images to a desktop as well as handle control. These features fit the prerequisites of a convolutional neural network, but the AI deck is not limited to the application of CNNs.

What is Crazyflie?

Crazyflie is a versatile open-source flying development platform that only weighs 27g and fits in the palm of your hand. Crazyflie is equipped with a low-latency/long-range radio as well as Bluetooth LE. This gives you the option of downloading an app and using your mobile device as a controller or, in combination with the Crazyradio PA, using your computer to display data and fly with a game controller. 

Highlighted Features

  • Ultra-low-power GAP8 8+1 core RISC-V processor, 512 Mbit HyperFlash, and 64 Mbit HyperRAM for faster speeds
  • ESP32-based NINA-W102 Wi-Fi module to stream images to PC
  • Delivers over 10 GOPS of computing power at exceptionally low power consumption
  • Capture, analyze, and classify its environment with a ULP camera
  • Perfect for micro-sized area research with Crazyflie 2.X UAV.
  • Perfect for complex artificial intelligence-based workloads like Convolutional Neural Networks to run onboard and path-finding projects


  • Power supply 3V-5V @ VCOM up to 300mA

  • 1-wire memory for automatic expansion board detection 

  • UART connected between GAP8 and Crazyflie (RX1, TX1) 

  • UART connected between ESP32 (RX2, TX2)

  • ESP32 sysboot pin connected to Crazyflie (IO_1)

  • Reset to GAP8 and ESP32 connected to Crazyflie (IO_4)

  • SPI between GAP8 and ESP32

  • GAP8 (B1) -> ESP32 (GPIO_5) IO

  • ESP32 (GPIO_25) -> GAP8 (A13) IO

  • 2 x Cortex-M 10-pin JTAG Interface to program on the GAP8 and ESP32

  • Can be easily mounted on the Crazyflie V2.1 with the 2 x 10-pin male headers

  • Button connected to ESP32 for UART bootloader or other actions

  • Green LED status indicators for GAP8 and ESP32

Hardware Overview

Figure: Device Schematics


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