Grove Light/Color/Proximity Sensor

Grove Light/Color/Proximity Sensor

R 484.92



The Grove Light & Color & proximity sensor is a TMG39931-based product, which features advanced detection, Proximity detection, Digital Ambient Light Sense(ALS), Color Sense(RGBC), and optical pattern generation/transmission for broadcast. This four-in-one sensor allows you to collect the data from the ambient environment and transfers it over to the I2C bus.

The device features advanced Gesture detection, Proximity detection, Digital Ambient Light Sense (ALS), Color Sense (RGBC), and optical pattern generation/transmission for broadcast. The slim modular package, 2.36mm × 3.95mm × 1.36mm, incorporates an IR LED and factory-calibrated LED driver.

Gesture Detection

Gesture detection utilizes four directional photodiodes to sense reflected IR energy (sourced by the integrated LED) to convert physical motion information to digital information.

Proximity Detection

The proximity detection features provide object detection by photodiode detection of reflected IR energy(Sourced by the integrated LED).

Digital Ambient Light Sense & Color Sense

The Color and ALS detection feature provides red, green, blue, and clear light intensity data. Each of the R, G, B, and C channels has a UV and IR blocking filter and a dedicated data converter producing 16-bit data simultaneously. This architecture allows applications to accurately measure ambient light and sense color which enables devices to calculate illuminance and color temperature, and control display backlight, and chromaticity.


The IRBeam is primarily intended for 1-D barcode transmission over IR to point-of-sale (POS) terminals. IRBeam engine features 1024-bit RAM for pattern storage and specialized control logic that is tailored to repetitively broadcast a barcode pattern using the integrated LED. The IRBeam engine features adjustable timing, looping, and IR intensity to maximize successful barcode reception rate among the multitude of different barcode scanners/readers currently in use globally.

Highlighted Features

  • Industrial grade integrated optical solution: Support Gesture Detection, Proximity, Color/ALS, and IRBeam detection
  • Complex Gesture Sensing: Four independent diodes improve the recognition of different directional gesture sensitivity and compensate for ambient light, plus the 32-bit Dataset storage FIFO recognition is more accurate
  • Proximity detection: 98,000:1 Dynamic Range and Ambient Light Rejection make the recognition distance error smaller
  • Ambient light sensing: UV and IR blocking filters and up to 16.7M:1 Dynamic Range are used to accurately collect light perception
  • Barcode pattern generation and transmission: Support IRBeam Hardware and Pattern Storage in Internal RAM


  • Color Sense
  • Ambient Light Sensing
  • Cell Phone Touch Screen Disable
  • Mechanical Switch Replacement
  • Printed Bar Code Emulation
  • Gesture Detection


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