Grove Temp & Humidity Sensor (SHT41)

Grove Temp & Humidity Sensor (SHT41)

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This Grove-SHT4x digital sensor is based on Sensirion's industry-proven humidity and temperature sensors. It can provide constant temperature and humidity accuracy over an extensive measurement range, making it the best price/performance ratio available. And with the grove platform, you are ready to plug and play the SHT4x sensor on any microcontroller (Arduino) or microprocessor (Raspberry Pi).

The Grove-SHT4x digital 4th generation sensor comprises an entirely new and optimized CMOSens® chip, offering lower power consumption, a voltage supply of 5/3.3 volts, and up to 32µA of idle current, which makes it highly suitable for low-power and battery-supported applications. It has an operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C, an excellent 1.8% typical relative humidity accuracy from 25 to 75%, and a 0.2 °C typical accuracy from 0 to 75 °C.

The fully calibrated Grove-SHT4x sensor offers linearized digital output and NIST traceability. And our standard Grove four-pin I2C interface makes it easy to read or communicate with integrated circuits.

Due to the high accuracy of the SHT4x sensor and the compatibility of our grove system, Grove-SHT4x is perfect for high-end industrial applications, projects for hobbyists, learning projects for beginners, etc.

SHT4x supports ESPhome, which is an open-source project to help you customize smart home solutions based on popular ESP32/ESP8266 boards.

Highlighted Features

  • Accuracy Rate: It has relative humidity and temperature accuracy rate of up to ±1.8% RH and ±0.2 °C, respectively.
  • Extended operating ranges: The sensor can operate between 0 and 100% RH and -40 and 125°C.
  • Grove average current: An average current of 1.2 µA and idle up to 32µA.
  • Grove power supply: Power supply voltage of 5v/3.3v.
  • Condensing environments: Fully functional in condensing or environment close to saturation. (with a variable power heater)
  • Stress-Test-Driven Qualification: SHT4x sensor is JEDEC JESD47 qualified.


  • Climate Monitoring and Control
  • Cold chain data loggers
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Anti-fogging


Parameter Rating
Temperature accuracy rate ±0.2 ℃
Typical Humidity accuracy rate ±1.8% RH
Maximum Relative Humidity Accuracy Rate ±2.5%
Operating temperature range -40°C to 125°C
Operating Humidity range 0% to 100% RH
Grove power supply 5/3.3 volts
Serial Protocol I2C
Grove's average current supply 1.2 µA
Grove idle current 32µA
Product Dimension 20mm x 40mm


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