Grove RGB 30 LED Strip Waterproof

Grove RGB 30 LED Strip Waterproof

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This product has significant advantages over other LED strips because Grove - WS2813 RGB LED Strip used WS2813 as the LED light, it is more stable and powerful than the previous WS2812. Grove - WS2813 RGB LED Strip Waterproof supports signal break-point continuous transmission, which means double-signal line cross-transmission. Single-line transmission has a shortcoming which is the failure of one of the lights that will affect the normal use of the entire light. The double-signal line cross-transmission can avoid this problem. The cross-transmission of the double signal lines enables the signal to be interrupted at one point, and the other spare signal line can bypass the fault point and transmit the signal to the next pixel point. This way, the fault can only be caused by a single light not being on, and will not cause other lights to be off. The LED light bar can be continuously transmitted at breakpoints, which saves the trouble of maintenance, and makes the installer no longer have to worry about the light bar being broken.

We hope you enjoy it, just use those LED Strips to decorate your house, color your devices, and light up your way in darkness.

Highlighted Features

  • Grove Compatible - you can just plug your LED Strip into Seeedunio or Arduino + BaseShield via Grove Cable, with no soldering, and no complicated wiring.
  • WS2813 - WS2813 is an upgraded version of WS2812, which is much more stable and stronger
  • All electronic components are integrated into the lamp beads
  • Waterproof - we add a transparent waterproof slot for those LED Strips


  • Light Show
  • Christmas decoration
  • Illumination
  • Gaming room


  • Grove Compatible
  • Resume from the broken point, even if there were broken LEDs, the rest LEDs can work well.
  • WS2813B IC, 5050 LED
  • Waterproof, IP65
  • Full-color RGB, 16777216 colors, 256 levels of brightness
  • LED Working Life-Span50000 Hours

As long as no two or more adjacent LEDs are broken, the remaining LEDs will be able to work normally.