Industrial-Grade Optical Rain Gauge RG-9 Rain Sensor

Industrial-Grade Optical Rain Gauge RG-9 Rain Sensor

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Industrial-Grade Optical Rain Gauge RG-9 detects the size of raindrops and provides information on rain intensity to the users. It features easy-installation and maintenance-free, suitable for applications in weather and climate studies, hydrological network monitoring, agriculture, and other scenarios that need monitoring rainfall.

Rainfall volume provides important information for people's decisions and actions in weather and climate studies, hydrological network monitoring, agriculture, food delivery, and many other industries. Taking agriculture as an example, rainfall is one of the most important sources of water for plant cultivation. With accessible precipitation information, farmers can make sound decisions for the irrigation schedule and amount, thus making sure there is sufficient water for crop growth, and not too much water that leads to waste, root rot, or other diseases.

Detecting rain intensity is of vital importance. Thus, this industrial-grade RG-9 Rain Sensor is a perfect fit. It's a reliable, cost-effective, maintenance-free, and compacted rain gauge that uses the change in light beam intensity to determine the rainfall status and the size of raindrops. It sensitively detects when rain is starting and when it is not.

This industrial-grade optical rain gauge is intended to replace conventional tipping buckets of rain gauges. It uses beams of infrared light within a plastic lens which are about the size of tennis balls. It is maintenance-free: with the round surface of the lens, there are no collections of debris, no moving parts to stick, or water pathways to clog. The sensitivity levels include Rain Drops, Very Light, Medium, and Heavy. The duration of the positive detection is also selectable: No Hold, Hold Time 5 Minutes, Hold Time 10 Minutes, and Hold Time 15 Minutes.
RG-9 Solid State Rain Sensor features an open-collector output that emulates a conventional tipping bucket, as well as RS232 serial communications that provide more detailed data allowing for the configuration of the device. It can be configured through the serial port, or optionally via DIP switches. A built-in mounting arm allows for convenient mounting to weather station masts, buildings, and other infrastructure. It's also suitable for solar-powered applications.


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Highlighted Features

  • Industrial-grade: round and reliable lens surface which discourages the collection of debris and dirt
  • Easy installation: on weather station masts, buildings, and other infrastructures
  • Maintenance-free: as a low-maintenance rain gauge, it can be used for 7-10 years without replacement
  • Compacted Sized: as small as a tennis ball
  • Wide Application Scenarios