IoT Button for AWS

IoT Button for AWS

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The Seeed IoT Button For AWS is a Wi-Fi-based, programmable button that is easy to configure and simple to use. You can use the Seeed IoT Button For AWS to capture quick customer feedback without burdening customers with time-consuming questionnaires. It is designed for enterprises and developers to easily integrate with existing business workflows and systems using the AWS IoT 1-Click service.

This IoT Button is fully compatible with the official AWS IoT 1-Click iOS app and Android app. The battery for this device is NCR18650B chargeable Li-ion battery. There is also a stickable bracket for this IoT Button.

Customers can stick it on the wall or other surfaces and easily put the IoT Button in and get out from the bracket. The Seeed IoT Button for AWS supports three types of clicks: single, double, and long press, and 3 LEDs for different indications.


User Manual

Highlighted Features

  • AWS IoT 1-Click service: Wi-Fi-based programmable button, compatible with iOS and Android, easy to configure and use.
  • Two power supply modes: detachable charging NCR18650B battery, USB Type-C charging.
  • Three types of instructions and prompts: Support three types of clicks: single, double, and long press, including 3 LEDs with different indication functions such as battery polarity reverse protection and indication.
  • Small design and low power consumption: Equipped with Realtek RTL8720DN, dual-band 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz Wi-Fi, and low-power Bluetooth 5.0;
  • Stackable Bracket: Customers can stick it on the wall or other surfaces to quickly put the IoT Button in and out of the stand.


  • AWS IoT Button
  • Home Control
  • Integrate with third-party APIs
  • One-click to order takeout button
  • Remote control for Netflix

What can Seeed IoT Button For AWS do

Scenario Methods
Hotel By using different types of clicks to differentiate what services the tenant wants.
Restaurant Using different types of clicks to indicate where the customers are sitting and what food they ordered.
Manufacture Factories Different types of clicks trigger different manufacturing problems that appeared.
Near Airports By installing the IoT Button near the Airports, people from the neighborhood can input different feelings towards the noise level. For example, Acceptable, no feeling or annoyance.

Hardware Overview