Leaf Wetness & Temperature Sensor

Leaf Wetness & Temperature Sensor

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Leaf Wetness & Temperature Sensor comes in the shape of a leaf, simulating the wetness and temperature of a real leaf. It measures leaf wetness and temperature, providing insights for pest control, irrigation, and other management that are optimal for plant and crop health. The sensor is IP68-rated and the output signal can be RS485.

Leaf wetness is an important indicator of the infection of pathogens on the leaves. The amount of moisture on the leaf surface makes it easy to be infected by fungal and bacterial diseases. It is used for monitoring leaf moisture for agricultural purposes, such as fungus and disease control, for control of irrigation systems, for detection of fog and dew conditions, and for early detection of rainfall.

The leaf wetness & temperature sensor can measure the presence and duration of the moisture and temperature on the leaf surface. Thus, it can provide information about wetness (from dew, rain, pesticide, irrigation, etc.) and the temperature of the leaves. With these data available, farmers can make better decisions for irrigation, pest control, and other measures to make the plants and crops grow better.

This industrial Leaf Wetness and Temperature Sensor comes in the shape of a leaf, and it simulates the wetness and temperature of a real leaf. To make the sensor more robust, it is sealed with a resin-packaged plastic body, which makes it waterproof and suitable for long-time monitoring, even in outdoor harsh environments. The sensor itself tries to mimic the thermal resistance of a real leaf so that the water on the sensor condenses and evaporates at the same rate as on a real leaf. The sensor determines the wetness by measuring the change in the relative permittivity. The measurement value is proportional to the percentage of the sensing area covered with water. The output signal can be RS485, Analog Voltage, or Analog Current, and can be fed into a data logger.

Note: The Industrial Leaf Wetness and Temperature Sensor come in two versions. The main difference is in the cable connector. Please choose the version that best suits your needs
  1. Version A: with hook-up wires. It can be used with the SenseCAP LoRaWAN® Data Logger to easily connect with the local LoRaWAN® network, enjoying the benefits of low-power and long-range communication.
  2. Version B: with a waterproof aviation connector. This version saves you time in deployment as you won't have to use screws to connect the cable to the data logger. And it can be used with SenseCAP Sensor Hub 4G Data Logger instantly with ease.


User Manual

Highlighted Features

  • 2-in-1 Sensor: Measure 2 factors: leaf wetness and temperature in one single sensor
  • Supports universal MODBUS RS485 protocol: Supports MODBUS-RTU RS485 output Interface
  • Simulational Sensing: Simulates the real leaf thermal resistance by sensing shape and thickness
  • Industrial-grade design: The enclosure is IP68 rated, waterproof and dustproof, suitable for harsh environments, and provides high accuracy with excellent stability
  • Comprehensive Protection: Provides reverse power protection and Built-in TVS/ESD protection