MIO Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit with Expansion Board

MIO Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit with Expansion Board

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MIO Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit is a modular expansion board compatible with Raspberry Pi 3. The I/O ports of the motherboard are led to the expansion board for a unified layout with the addition of four M5S modular components out of the box.

M5S modular components are components with integrated circuits aiming at versatile operation in industrial systems like regulators or programmable logic controllers. The modules are a connecting element between electronics on one side and the world of industrial control on the other. The modules are completely sealed, waterproof, fireproof, and dustproof. A universal wiring diagram allows all M5S I/O modules to be interchangeable without changing the internal or external wiring.

This kit supports a total of eight M5S modular components and comes with four M5s modular components. Smart Relay modules, switching value modules, analog quantity modules, and pulsed quantity modules can be freely selected according to the characteristics of the development board for users to access/drive peripheral devices.

By plugging different M5S modules, customer-specific input/output configurations can be achieved as well as the addition of functions to already rolled-out devices.

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3
  • M5S I/O modules to extend more functionality
  • Screw terminals for external switching and supply voltage (e.g. 24V DC)
  • Configuration and pin assignment via jumpers or cables

Hardware Overview

  • 1. External supply M5S module no. 7-pin power (V+)
  • 2. Signal input/output outlets for external devices (pin 8 for each M5S)
  • 3. Internal/external supply M5S module no. 6 pin power (V-)
  • 4. Connect the external circuit to the internal power supply (0V common)
  • 5. Pin 1 (access control signal) corresponding to 8 M5S modules
  • 6. Connector field
    • G:Internal power supply (public land V-)
    • V:Internal power supply (V+)
    • S: Signal pin of Raspberry Pi
  • 7. Connect the voltage of Raspberry Pi to the 3 pins of all M5S modules (M5S power supply):
    • -Pin 1~2: 3.3V
    • -Pin 2~3: 5V(should not be used!)
  • 8. Connect the external circuit to internal power (5V) (CAUTION, only for external voltage 5 V!)


User Manual