MR60FDA1 60GHz mmWave Sensor

MR60FDA1 60GHz mmWave Sensor

R 1,094.02



The R60AFD1 radar module uses 60GHz mmWave radar technology to achieve the functions of human activity detection including moving, falling, and stationery. Based on the FMCW radar system and 1 transmit 3 receive (1T3R) antenna, the radar through the algorithm accurately scans the body tomography, achieving the fall detection function by height difference and speed change of the human body.

The module is suitable for top installation, and the detected area is a three-dimensional sector of 60° horizontally and 60° tilted and the measured distance is between 0.4-3 m.

The radar supports secondary development and it adapts to various scenarios and applications. Using a universal UART communication interface provides an extra common protocol as 4 groups of I/O are reserved by the user’s definition. It can also be equipped with a host computer to output detection status and data, and its several groups of GPIOs can be customized and developed by users.


1. The radar is designed to be used for individuals (human body) in the environment, if there are multiple targets, it will affect the accuracy and precision of the radar.
2. The LED on the module has been removed.
3. The 60GHz radar baud rate is 115200.

Highlighted Features

  • Enhanced detecting algorithm: Output simultaneously human activities including moving, falling, and stationary in the self-adaption environment
  • High measured accuracy: Achieve fall detection accuracy ≥90% and achieve presence awareness function accuracy ≥90 %
  • Privacy Protection: More secure identification than the vision-based devices, with no concern about privacy leakage
  • High Immunity against Interferences: Independ on temperature, humidity, noise, airflow, dust, light, and other environmental influences
  • Support Secondary Development: Adapt to various scenarios and applications


  • Elderly Care
  • Home Security
  • Smart Home


Detection angle and distance
Content Minimum Typical Maximum Units Typical Units
The radius of movement of people detection [1] 6 meter
Fall monitoring radius [2] 3 meter
Radar detection angle (horizontal) 60 degree
Radar detection angle (pitch) 60 degree
Note: [1][2] Radar hang height 2.8 m, the radius of radar projection.
Electrical characteristics
Content Minimum Typical Maximum Units
Operating voltage (VCC) 4.5 5 6 V
Operating current (ICC) 90 93 100 mA
Operating temperature (TOP) -20 - 60 °C
Storage temperature (TST) -40 - 80 °C
RF performance
Operating frequency (fTX) 58 - 63.5 GHz
Transmitted power (Pout) - - 6 dBm

Hardware Overview

Interface 1:

  • The 5V pin is the power supply interface for the sensor.
  • RX and TX are the data transmission interfaces for the sensor. RX means serial receive and TX means serial transmit.
  • The human presence status output interface. You can use the level of these two pins to determine the current human movement in the environment.
    • GP2 output: high level - occupied, low level - unoccupied.
    • GP1 output: high level - active, low level - stationary.

Interface 2:

  • Flash firmware pinout: GND/3.3V/SWD/SWC
  • Overhead input/output pins: GP3~GP6.


User Manual