NDIR CO2 Sensor

NDIR CO2 Sensor

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CO2 has a large impact on us - human activities, plants, animals, basically everything on this planet. In agriculture, CO2 is vital for photosynthesis, and increases in CO2 concentration could be beneficial to crops such as wheat, rice, soya beans, etc. [Source: Climate Change and World Agriculture] Whereas, a high CO2 level may lead to asphyxiation in humans and animals. The CO2 emissions trapped inside the atmosphere are the major factor of global warming. CO2 also results in ocean acidification, which creates tremendous harm to marine life.

The CO2 level is also an important indicator of whether the air quality in the room is sub-par,  which will suggest when we should turn on the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system in indoor environments no matter for offices, homes, or gyms to increase air circulation. Thus, accessing data on the CO2 level is important for humans to detect potential problems. When sufficient scientific data are available, we will know what actions to take under different circumstances more effectively.

Highlighted Features

  • High performance: high accuracy, fast response, and superior stability
  • support MODBUS RS485 and SDI-12
  • Compact size, best performance-to-price ratio
  • User-friendly: fully calibrated, easy to install, and integrate
  • Wide-range Power Supply: 5V ~ 16V
  • Wide Range & High Accuracy: 400ppm ~ 5,000 ppm, ± (50ppm+5%*MV)

This is a digital CO2 concentration sensor based on NDIR (nondispersive infrared), which can continuously collect and calculate the CO2 concentration in the air per unit volume and output in the form of a universal interface. It's designed to adopt PTFE film combined with a protective enclosure, improving its breathable performance. It is more accurate, stable, reliable, low-power consumption, and user-friendly. It compacts in size and can be easily integrated into various application scenarios.

This digital NDIR CO2 concentration sensor supports MODBUS RS485 serial communications, and SDI-12 communication protocols, and is compatible with the wide power supply voltage of 5-16V. It has a built-in calibration functionality and can be widely applied in both indoor and outdoor environments. This product also adopts both single-air-chamber and double-channel. This CO2 Sensor (Version A2) comes with a waterproof aviation connector, helping you save time and effort in wiring the sensor to a data logger with screws.