NS LoRaWAN Tracker

NS LoRaWAN Tracker

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The NviroSense NSS999 Tracker, roughly the size of a credit card, easily slips into your pocket or attaches to your valuables. It comes with GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi capabilities for flawless indoor and outdoor location tracking.

In addition to locating, it also monitors environmental factors such as temperature, light levels, and motion. Equipped with an emergency button and an audible alert, along with a battery life that lasts for months on a single charge, the NSS999 provides dependable tracking for a wide range of uses.

For trackers with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connectivity, the transmission range is often limited. Imagine being on the first floor and trying to locate your wallet on the second floor; a standard BLE tracker may not be up to the task.

Trackers with 4G/LTE connectivity do offer wider coverage but struggle to extend their reach to more isolated areas like mountain paths, mining locations, or ski resorts. Plus, the data transmission costs can be prohibitively high for commercial applications.

So, what's the ideal solution? You're looking for a tracker with a broad range, user-friendliness, and affordable data fees. We understand it's a tough choice and you want all these features!

This is where the NviroSense NSS999 comes into play. As a LoRaWAN tracker, it meets all your tracking requirements and then some! It provides accurate positioning over large areas, both indoors and outdoors, and even in remote locations. The NSS999 establishes itself as a truly reliable tracking solution.

Highlighted Features

  • Seamless Indoor and Outdoor Positioning

    The NSS999 utilizes BLE and Wi-Fi for precise indoor tracking and employs various GNSS technologies, including GPS, Beidou, Galileo, and GLONASS, for accurate outdoor location.
  • Fits Anywhere: Credit Card Size
    Measuring just 6.5mm in thickness, this compact tracker can fit into the tightest of spaces with ease.
  • More Than Just Location: Advanced Monitoring
    The device is equipped with essential sensors like temperature, light, and motion. The temperature sensor is perfect for monitoring perishable goods, and the light sensor can detect unauthorized access.
  • Affordable Data Transmission
    Leveraging LoRaWAN technology, the NSS999 offers significantly lower data communication costs compared to cellular networks like 4G and LTE.
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life
    A single magnetic charge powers the device for months, enhanced by its water-resistant design. (Note: Battery life varies depending on usage conditions.)
  • Never Miss a Thing:
    Offline Data Storage
  • Built for Tough Conditions
    The NSS999 features an industrial-grade design with IP65 waterproof protection and can operate in temperatures ranging from -20℃ to 60℃ (-4 ℉ to 140℉).


    • Emergency Response and Safety:
      The built-in panic button activates SOS mode, sending frequent data updates and triggering an audible alert, making it essential for search and rescue missions.

    • Advanced Motion and Asset Tracking:
      The NSS999 is equipped with sensors that detect and report motion patterns, making it invaluable for monitoring the transit status of goods, and optimizing workflows for mobile assets like equipment.

    • Global Asset and Shipment Monitoring:
      Designed for international tracking, the NSS999 protects goods from unwanted exposure while also monitoring environmental factors like temperature to ensure quality during global shipments.

    • Trusted Location Provenance:
      Utilizing a decentralized gateway network, the NSS999 enhances the trustworthiness and reliability of its tracking data.



    General Parameters Specification
    Product Model NSS999
    Backhaul LoRaWAN® (v1.0.4 Class A)
    Bluetooth Bluetooth v5.1, setting via App
    LoRaWAN Channel Plan IN865/EU868/US915/AU915/AS923/KR920/RU864
    Temperature Range -20 to 60℃
    Temperature Accuracy ± 1℃
    Temperature Resolution 0.1℃
    Light Range 0 to 100% (0 is dark, 100% is brightest)
    3-Axis Accelerometer To detect movement
    LED and Buzzer 1x LED and 1x buzzer to indicate status
    Button 1x Button to operate and trigger events (SOS)
    Antenna Internal (GNSS/LoRa/Wi-Fi/BLE)
    Communication Distance 2 to 8km (dependent on various factors)
    IP Rating IP65
    Dimensions 85 x 55 x 6.5 mm
    Device Weight 32g
    Operating Humidity 5% - 95% (No condensation)
    Certifications CE / FCC / TELEC / RoHS / REACH

    Software Specifications

    Parameter Specification
    Work Mode Standby, Periodic, Event-based
    Data Storage Over 1000 location data records when no LoRaWAN® coverage
    App Configuration Via Bluetooth App

    Battery Specifications

    Parameter Specification
    Battery Capacity Rechargeable lithium battery, 700mAh
    Estimated Battery Life 4 months on a single charge (uplink every 1 hour, only GNSS data)
    Charging Cable USB magnetic charging cable, 1 meter
    Charging Temperature 0 to 45℃


    * Battery life depends on temperature, installation, location interval, network coverage and sensor settings