RF Explorer Near Field Antenna Kit

RF Explorer Near Field Antenna Kit

R 3,222.91



RF Explorer Near Field Antenna Kit is a collection of high performance set of 4 antennas designed for the most demanding RF diagnosis tasks. The three magnetic H-Loop antennas are very sensitive, compact and easy to use antennas for all sort of radiation sources. As the antenna diameter gets shorter, the antenna increase spatial resolution at the cost of some sensitivity loss.

You should select RFEAH-25 for best sensitivity with connectors, large ICs and isolated signal traces, whereas RFEAH-5 works best for very narrow selective work in a populated PCB with close-by signal traces. RFEAH-15 is a good in-between compromise.

Highlighted Features

  • Can work with RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Generator and other RF instruments and devices
  • Easy to use, reliable to find interference sources with high accuracy and resolution
  • Can be used to detect hidden bugs and transmission sources with remarkable spatial resolution
  • Feasible to generate interferences with Signal Generator and confirm RF circuit sensitivity
  • Capable of pre-EMC compliance tests
  • Include semi-rigid RF cable with coupled Push-ON SMA for easy operation and antenna selection
  • Protected by custom-designed, wooden box case with quality foam protection inside
  • Included with the antenna is high quality semirigid RF cable; this cable works as the handler of the antenna. The big advantage of this approach: you can shape the cable the way you want for the antenna to be located exactly where you need it


  • H-Loop RFEAH-25 – 25mm
  • H-Loop RFEAH-15 – 15mm
  • H-Loop RFEAH-5 – 5mm
  • E-Field RFEAE-10 – 10mm
  • The electric field RFEAE-10 is offers a remarkable spatial resolution to determine the exact component in the PCB causing a problem
  • The low loss design of these antennas exhibits at least 10dB more sensitivity than other near field antennas in the market
  • Compared with other near field antennas, RF Explorer are smaller and lighter, exactly what fits best when space is constrained in a PCB
  • The RF cable is coupled with a fast, easy to use SMA Push-On adapter so the different antenna models can be easily plugged in/out as required for the task
  • There is no need to deal with SMA nuts, just plug-n-play antennas
  • Antenna connector SMA female
  • Characterized response 1MHz to 7Ghz
  • 1 Wooden box protection case
  • 1 Semirigid SMA Male-Male RG402 10cm 6GHz cable
  • 1 SMA Push-On adapter (already coupled to the cable)
  • RoHS compliant


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