RS485 Temperature and Humidity Sensor - Connector

RS485 Temperature and Humidity Sensor - Connector

R 1,330.56


This S-TH-01 module provides industrial-grade sensing and compact air temperature and humidity sensing in one small-size sensor.

    According to the physiologist, the temperature and humidity of the environment can directly affect the thermoregulation and heat conduction of the human body. The somatosensory of the human body can reflect on the level of mental status and agility of conceptual activities. It can be a vital factor that influences our efficiency in working and studying. As per experimental analytics, the most comfortable indoor temperature will be 18 degrees and humidity would be 40%-60%. There will be specific standards for temperature and humidity with different locations and usage. Therefore, reasonable humidity and temperature controls become necessary.

    This S-TH-01 is a module compacted with air temperature and humidity sensing into one sensor. This sensor contains an extremely high accuracy data collection process by a complex algorithm, this character demonstrates the low possibility of failed data collection. Also, the high-level tolerance for working conditions and low cost of power provide a solution with long working expectations and saving of human resources. With the multiple installation methods, sensors provide a relative variety of ways of installing the sensor for different working expectations.

    Recommendation for SensorHUB

    Sensor Hub Data Logger is an easy-to-deploy 4G cellular station. It uses the MODBUS-RTU RS485 protocol to communicate with sensors and can collect various sensor data simultaneously.

    Sensor Hub consists of 4 RS485 data channels. With extension hubs / RS485 splitters, it can connect with a maximum of 32 sensors at one time. The data is collected and sent to the cloud (either to the SenseCAP server or the client's private server) via 4G/3G/2G (as shown below).

    Designed with industry standards and IP66 rated, Sensor Hub is suitable for outdoor and harsh environments, resistant to UV, rain, dust, etc. GNSS is embedded for location tracking.

    Sensor Hub is also equipped with 10MB onboard memory, to store more than 700,000 measurements locally in case of a bad connection.


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    Highlighted Features

    • Provide high-accuracy measurement data
    • Compact temperature, humidity, and dew point measurement
    • Standard RS485 output and Modbus-RTU Protocol
    • Multiple installations and user-friendly
    • Outstanding and reliableness with high-cost performance