The Odyssey Blue J4125

The Odyssey Blue J4125

R 7,953.79



Odyssey Blue J4125 128 GB is a powerful mini PC with super low power consumption. It’s a perfect device for personal, commercial, and industrial applications. You can use it as office equipment such as a desktop PC, NAS, router, or a home server for 4K media theater, NVR, Home Automation, gaming PC, and many more! The compact and stylish design will keep your desk clean and neat.


Data Sheet User Manual

    It's small, it's inexpensive for a fully activated Windows system or Ubuntu desktop. We also have Windows 10 pre-installed. Just simply connect it to a mouse, a keyboard, and a monitor with the ODYSSEY Blue, not a Windows user? Install your favorite Linux distribution! We also have abundant keep updating tutorial resources including home server applications and also OS installations. 

    Odyssey Blue J4125 comes with a re_computer blue case, pre-installed Windows10 (unactivated), and 128GB SSD. If you don't want the case, you can buy other versions with the board only.


    Flashing OpenWrt firmware, you can use Odyssey as the most trusted high-speed router with OpenWrt or OPNSense / pfSense with Dual Gigabit Ethernet. With 4G, even 5G cellular network connectivity via two of M.2 PCIe (B Key and M Key), it can also be a hybrid speed gateway.

    Media Server? Of course, let Odyssey steam 4K for you with Plex, and enjoy family sharable entertainment. Plus, without any Ads using Pi-hole! 

    The J4125 supports Intel Hyper V virtualization and can be virtualized with Promox or VMware ESXi to create multiple instances or install multiple systems which makes it perfect for the homelab option. For more information, please check this blog for ESXi installation.

    Perfect work with Home Assistant, use Odyssey as your center of private and local home automation. 

    Connecting to IP cameras, it can also work as an NVR system, even with local processing AI capability with Frigate. (we recommend you can also add Coral AI accelerator for a faster inference, we tested there is 10FPS without Coral, enough tho!)

    Highlighted Features

    • Fast processor: Intel® Celeron® J4125, Quad-Core 2.0-2.7GHz and Intel® UHD Graphics 600
    • Integrated Arduino Coprocessor ATSAMD21 ARM® Cortex®-M0+
    • Hybrid connectivity: Dual-Band 2.4GHz/5GHz WiFi, Dual Gigabit Ethernet, LTE capability with additional module
    • Install whatever OS you like: Pre-installed Windows 10 (Unactivated), support Linux OS.
    • Plenty of I/Os: Raspberry Pi 40-pin GPIO, Arduino headers, M.2 PCIe, SATA III, USB 2.0, Micro SD card slot; SIM Card slot, etc
    • Stylish mini PC with transparent acrylic re_computer case


    Office PC/ NAS/ Soft Router/ Firewall/ 4K Home Theater/ NVR/ Home Automation/ Gaming/ Virtual Machine Monitor, and many more! 

    It can also be a NAS work with Open Media Vault and FreeNAS, it's both fast and large enough with external SSDs. If you want higher performance and more storage, you can use a standard M.2 PCIe or SATA SSD.